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Final Fantasy 7 is _________?

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4 years ago#1
Final Fantasy 7 is _________? - Results (399 votes)
The best game ever made!
7.27% (29 votes)
One of the best games ever made!
36.59% (146 votes)
Great, but not exactly one of the best
18.05% (72 votes)
Just good
6.52% (26 votes)
Its OK
4.51% (18 votes)
Pretty bad
0.75% (3 votes)
One of the worst games ever made
1% (4 votes)
The worst game ever made!
1.75% (7 votes)
18.3% (73 votes)
I've never played Final Fantasy 7 in my life! =)
5.26% (21 votes)
This poll is now closed.
4 years ago#2
Overrated AND one of the best RPGs ever made (or JRPGs at least). (My webcomic)
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4 years ago#3
its ok/overrated
4 years ago#4
A master piece that has no equal.

The holy grail of the series.

The BC and AD of the series.

4 years ago#5
way to overrated, holy jesus crackers
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4 years ago#6
best game ever, and it will stay that way if current gen video game business keeps on this same trend of casual shooter cinematic games. I do not foresee anything ever surpassing it. Say "hi" to your 2012 World Champions: The San Francisco Giants!!!!
4 years ago#7
I chose - Great, but not exactly one of the best.

Comparing it to the other Final Fantasy games I've played, it is one of the more interesting entries. After 2 and 12, I'd place it and/or 10 in the third spot on my favorites list. If I created a Top Five Favorites list for JRPG or just games in general, Final Fantasy 2 would be a strong contender for the cutting board, so it is easy to imagine where 7 would be as well.
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4 years ago#8
This topic.... again?
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4 years ago#9

"Its a big SQUIGGY POO!!!"

^Majority of whats gonna be said.
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4 years ago#10
Vivi0198 posted...
This topic.... again?


... anyways, FFVII is worth dying/killing/stealing/holding the game in your hand when it's judgment day for.... just perfection .. revolutionized RPGs
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