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Recommend a deep, mature JRPG for me.

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3 years ago#71
Not sure how dramatic structure applies to video game stories, though -- they aren't very focused.

I disagree. Many video games follow the conventions of dramatic structure, building with the rising action, climaxing, and then entertaining some sort of resolution. Some games do it better than others, of course, and some don't have it at all, using, as you said, a thin premise as an excuse for stuff to happen.

I've only played maybe a few hours of Resonance of Fate, though, so I can't comment on that game in particular. I should get back to it soon enough.
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3 years ago#72
Atlus games. I'm dead serious.

Heck, I think P4 Golden should be out soon.
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3 years ago#73
Off the top of my head:

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy XII
3 years ago#74
Persona 3 and 4, otherwise watch an anime like Gantz, Lain or Ergo Proxy.
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3 years ago#75
persona 3 and 4
digital devil saga
valkyrie profile silmeria
3 years ago#76
Final Fantasy Tactics
Vagrant Story
Final Fantasy XII
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
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3 years ago#77
Xenogears is extremely overrated. Disc 2 ruined the story completely.

I highly suggest Persona 3 if you want a dark story. It's an awesome game, and I can't recommend it enough.

Persona 4 has anything but a dark story. It's the most lighthearted Atlus game ever.
3 years ago#78
Personally I'd say the .Hack//G.U. trilogy, but since your PS2 has problems... mhm.

But games like Xenoblade will be hard to find; It's a stand-alone solid gem...
Maybe Star Ocean 4 or Resonance of Fate?

Otherwise Tales of Xillia; It's just people get disappointed about it, because they hyped it way too much - It's still worth playing it IMO!
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3 years ago#79
Hmmm, not PS3, but the Xenosaga Series should be right up your alley if you liked gears and blade. Iirc, they were even made by some of the same team as gears was. I'll also recommend Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts Covenant on the mature side. All the listed games are for PS2.
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3 years ago#80
Persona 3 FES
Disgaea 4 (The art style is anime-ish so I'm not sure how you'll feel about that but the story involves crude and mature humor so that's the plus
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Saga
Star Ocean The Last Hope International
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