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Are cod players considered veterans?

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3 years ago#41
So... I'm a warmonger now? Boy, that escalated quickly. I wasn't aware driving a truck around was warmongering. I thought it was, you know, just driving a truck.
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3 years ago#42
RoxasANobody posted...
jubjub360 posted...
This. And every time greer/AXKSION starts typing his propaganda and his conspiracy theories, it's disrespectful as well.

I thought everyone just ignored his/her/its posts. I've done that from day one and I've lead a semi-decent experience here on the PS3 boards.

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3 years ago#43
Well, I sure shut you guys up about it with my links.

Fact is that war is sick and those who like it are sick.
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3 years ago#44
AXKSION posted...
You might wanna read up, son, and increase your brain size.

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his famous warning about the dangers of the military-industrial complex, he never would have dreamed that a single company could accumulate the kind of power and influence that is now wielded by Lockheed Martin. As a full-service weapons maker, Lockheed Martin receives over $29 billion a year in Pentagon contracts, or roughly one out of every ten dollars the Department of Defense doles out to private contractors. Prophets of War recounts the fascinating and often-frightening history of America's largest military contractor as well as its role in the formation of foreign policy.

The company has produced spy satellites; helped the Pentagon collect personal data on U.S. citizens; provided interrogators for employment at Guantanamo Bay; manufactured our highest-tech aircraft; and more. It has also been embroiled in numerous scandals from bribing officials in the Netherlands, Italy, and Japan in exchange for the purchase of Lockheed airplanes in the 1970s, to the provision of $600 toilet covers and $7,000 coffee makers to the Pentagon in the 1980s.

I'm sorry, but did you just quote a book jacket as evidence for your claims? You know those are the equivalent of a movie trailer, right?

And don't even get me started on your wikipedia source.


3 years ago#45
Here it is, the hard life of a cod veteran
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3 years ago#46
CoD veterans yes.

Actual war veterans (of which I mean combat experienced) then no, not even close.
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
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