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What TV size do you game on?

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4 years ago#101
23" in my room. 46" in the living room.
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4 years ago#102
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4 years ago#103
72" in the living room. 42" in the master's.

62" in the vegas house but I rarely play console games there, mostly, out and about or at the 'net cafe. Same type of tvs on the first, second, and third floors "living rooms", gaming is on the second.
4 years ago#104
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4 years ago#105
4 years ago#106
4 years ago#107
I7-2600k OC @ 4.10GHZ | GeForce GTX 580 | 8 GB DDR3.
4 years ago#108
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4 years ago#109
4 years ago#110
I game on a watch calculator. 35071
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