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What TV size do you game on?

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4 years ago#31
4 years ago#32
32" I think.
It's-a me!
4 years ago#33
23". Size does not matter.
4 years ago#34
"I never asked for this."
4 years ago#35
77" Home Theater
55" Living Room
40" bedroom
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4 years ago#36
Main TV - 32"
Monitor with HDMI - 24" : Last 1000 LEGO Batman 2 : Last 200 Adera (Win8)
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4 years ago#37
Modern games 50". Classic games nes genesis ps1 ect. 32". Atari 2600 needs to be played on my old ass 19" the only tv I have left compatable with Atari hook ups.
Gas, grass, or ass nobody rides free.
4 years ago#38
Pereb27 posted...
23". Size does not matter.

It does when you sit at the far end of the room.
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4 years ago#39

Probably won't upgrade until a year after next gen
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4 years ago#40
"Behold! Guns of the Patriots!"
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