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What TV size do you game on?

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User Info: shinrugal

4 years ago#51
The Sony 3d display 24" i think
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User Info: touyamizrahi

4 years ago#52
an old school black and white with some modification to plug in ps3 and xbox.

edit: 40"
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User Info: Xechs

4 years ago#53
55" for most games

24" for fighters Ranka-Macross Frontier

User Info: yoshinatsu666

4 years ago#54
20'' 16:10 LCD monitor.

User Info: Arin_Apokolips

4 years ago#55
Superfly Jo Jo posted...
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User Info: justchill433

4 years ago#56
26 inch HDTV. It was a steal at $500. Got it $300 off at a black friday sale back when HDTVs first came out.
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User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#57

Just got it 3 months ago for $200 and it's awesome and still runs like gold. Also I got it in white so it looks awesome in my room.

User Info: CannotRemember

4 years ago#58
I made the switch to a a glorious 32" Asus Monitor and I am not looking back...
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User Info: MrZeldaNerd

4 years ago#59
22" but when i can get 1080p im not going to argue with it.
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User Info: Averra

4 years ago#60
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