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When people say "My PS3 games keeps freezing", What do they mean??Full Throttle811/25 11:49AM
ITT: List games where bugs/glitches make the game even more outrageously funHaloODSTD611/25 11:44AM
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So I enjoy my Halo, CoD, and sports games, but also like weeaboo gamesHaloODSTD711/25 10:54AM
Using two words, describe what is the opposite of a "dude bro" gamer?
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HaloODSTD8011/25 10:50AM
So did Rockstar screw us over last year?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
justaseabass2111/25 10:35AM
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin!
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SUIT_UP1511/25 10:34AM
How long will Sony continue to support PS3 and PSN for PS3 ?
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Kano921511/25 10:18AM
What are some games you like to play casually?
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Varron2111/25 9:17AM
Anybody here recognise this PS3 pad?Mark_Miwurdz311/25 9:13AM
LittleBigPlanet 3 Sucks
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SampsonM1511/25 8:22AM
Transfer saves via USB cord?LittleDeathJr311/25 6:38AM
Which game on the PS3 is the best in terms of..xxnike629xx511/25 6:27AM
Which game started the cross gen downgrading?Arkroam1011/25 6:01AM
What single piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC should I get?S1lver_Bull3t1011/25 5:32AM
Should I get... (Poll)Brunozayn1011/25 4:40AM
Worth it to impulse buy Mass Effect trilogy + all story DLC?
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S1lver_Bull3t2311/25 4:39AM
Why don't make DmC: Off the Record?knightoffire55611/25 3:44AM