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Motion control was pitched to Sony first before Nintendo, Sony rejected

#31vu_cometPosted 11/19/2012 4:21:24 PM
Let it be known that video games are for sitting on a couch or chair relaxing and not up jumping around. If you want to work out you should be at the gym... :X
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And Sega beat them both with that stupid Activator pad-thing you put on the floor in 199X. And someone will either correct me or one-up me.

^ Well, Nintendo did make that glove controller for the NES. LoL

Another tidbit that most of you probably already know, but is kinda of similar.

The PS1 was actually a joint adventure between Sony & Nintendo, as Nintendo commissioned Sony to develop & produce a cd based add-on for Nintendo's console at the time (either the SNES or the N64...don't remember).
Eventually Sony came through but Nintendo changed their minds and dropped out of the deal.
Sony, not wanted to waste the money & potential of the device decided to release it as a stand alone console. Thus the Playstation 1 was born.
And the rest as they say, is history.

^^Very True Playstaion wouldn't of existed had Nintendo not declined them, nice Fun Fact. Sony Fanboys should be greatful to Nintendo lol. :P

fanboys are only loyal to their companies. they never let meaningless things like facts get in the way of their rationalizing.
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