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What video game genre do you prefer the most?

#101Black-IszPosted 11/18/2012 8:55:37 PM
1. Fighting

2. Eroge

3. Beat-em Up

4. Visual Novel

5. Side-Scrolling Shooter
#102Dark7Knights1Posted 11/18/2012 9:02:58 PM
Fighting or free roam rpg's.
Makes sense to me...
#103macapalaPosted 11/18/2012 9:18:54 PM
JRPGs and Platformers are definitely my favourite video game genres.
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#104nedrithPosted 11/18/2012 9:19:00 PM
#105StealthlysPosted 11/18/2012 9:20:36 PM
Nicodimus posted...
Open-world RPG with lots of loot and fun combat.
#106DarkArithmeticPosted 11/18/2012 9:28:10 PM
Fighting and 3rd Person Shooters are my top 2
#107viserdesPosted 11/18/2012 9:36:33 PM
RPG, FPS, and turn based strategy.

And golf too.
#108Peltar94Posted 11/18/2012 9:37:53 PM
Loot Rpgs.....(ex. Diablo 2, Torchlight 2, Borderlands 2, Titan Quest)
#109Heden147Posted 11/18/2012 9:48:45 PM

Have played them now for over 20 years and i still love them! :)
#110TrevorCoreyPosted 11/18/2012 10:02:44 PM