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What video game genre do you prefer the most?

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4 years ago#121
Action and or Adventure

Now I have a vague definition for this. For example I consider Fallout 3 to be an adventure game because you exploration, and, well, create your own adventure. And I see MGS series as falling under action adventure
4 years ago#122
beebarb posted...

Now, ME3 is one of my favourite games, and I am confused as to why some people hated the ending.

The hate for the ending comes from the fact Bioware took the lazy way out and gave 3 'locked' choices which in turn are supposed to have multiple endings in themselves (minus control) but in reality there is very little difference between them.

Pre-Patch ending comparison:

Bioware sold Mass Effect as a game where your choice is supposed to define certain events, as well as the out come of the game.

In the end, Bioware made it so your actions really don't mean a thing.
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4 years ago#123
1. Role-Playing games (JRPGs or WRPGs, doesn't matter)
2. Action-Adventure (GTA, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, MGS, Tomb Raider,etc)
3. Platformers
4. Shooters (mostly FPS)
5. Fighters

I like playing all genres, but RPGs are my favorite by far.
4 years ago#124
Has anyone said "Just FPS" so far?
-> este914 <-
4 years ago#125
Hmmm, seems like RPGs win
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4 years ago#126
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4 years ago#127
Anything open world
4 years ago#128
A tie between RPG's and Rhythm. And I mean more than just Rock Band and Guitar Hero.
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