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The best Sony exclusive franchise

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4 years ago#21
Sighto posted...
-Damien- posted...
Souls brah!

^ That. Mugen Souls 4tw.

No he meant Demon and Dark Souls.

Not that garbage animu crap Mugen.
4 years ago#22
Crash. I really can't see the appeal of the Uncharted series. Sure, they look pretty, are cinematic and the gameplay is adequate, but the gameplay is just shooting and automatic climbing, hooray.
4 years ago#23
Oh HakaiVeil. Prickly on the outside but a softy inside.
4 years ago#24
Yakuza series. but of course TC does not have it listed.
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4 years ago#25
rodwipeisdead posted...


Poll failed
-> este914 <-
4 years ago#26
ratchet and clank for me :)
sony should release a full fledged R&C game on ps4
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4 years ago#27
Loved uncharted and I really hope that they take the franchise in a solid direction. I would like the shooting aspect of the game to be changed though, after 3 games its time for that to change.
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