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battlefield 3 or black ops (first one)

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3 years ago#1
so im looking through black friday deals and such, and so far, its a tie in which game to get?

i kinda stopped playing call of duty after the mess that was MW2 (hackers/glitchers/sniper campers)

never played a battlefield game, but ive heard its more in depth as far as the multi goes (bigger maps, more players per map, and more realistic physics)

i have no idea what my chances are in getting either one, but if i had to shoot for ONE, and only ONE, which should i get?

the first black ops is running in a few places for 15$ and comes with the first strike voucher (not really sure if thats good or not)

and battlefield premium is 30$ at bestbuy, and gamestop. seems the xbox version is 25 at walmart. no word on the ps3 version.
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3 years ago#2
Both are really good. probably bf3 since it is newer and there has been 2 cods since bo, so hackers might start being a problem along with community.

You know for a fact bf3 community wont die till bf4
3 years ago#3
Battlefield 3: Premium Edition.

Only $25 on Black Friday and you get the game with all past and future DLC.

A total steal IMO. I've been hooked to BF3 since last friday when i picked it up for $35 or $40. Only other game i've poured these many hours into is Demon's Souls.
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3 years ago#4
Black Ops is the better game, imho...however Battlefield 3 has slightly better graphics (at the cost of worse frame-rate).
Zombies mode (BO) is also pretty cool, whether you play solo or On-line co-op.

Battlefield had better graphics (albeit less frames per second), but I personally thought that the campaign was garbage.

I can't comment on On-line multi-player, since I never play On-line.
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