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Why no PS3 Jak games?

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4 years ago#11
Lord_Cohliani posted...
Uncharted is a lot better haha.

It actually sucks the big one, but what ever.
4 years ago#12
Probably because the franchise became more unsure of itself with each installment and as someone else said was second runner to ratchet and clank.

As for uncharted love it or hate it nothing overshadows it.

And lot of developers get sick of making the same franchise over and over.
4 years ago#13
NextGenISbetter posted...
They didn't want to lose to Ratchet two gens in a row

Jak was way more popular than Ratchet during the PS2 era IIRC.
"Dyin' is easy. It's the livin' that's hard..." Grim Reaper, Maximo vs. The Army of Zin
4 years ago#14
Naughty Dog tends to stick with just one franchise per generation. They switched from Crash Bandicoot to Jak to Uncharted with each successive system without looking back even once. I'm not sure what to make of The Last of Us in regards to continuing the Uncharted trajectory, it's an anomaly for them, maybe because the generation is lasting more than 5 years.

I like Jak & Daxter better than Ratchet & Clank, don't know how common that is.
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