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Poll: If Sony launches the PS4 at a price of $500+, they will finish last again

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4 years ago#31
amonte64 posted...
Rinton posted...
amonte64 posted...
Of course you mean rank in sales which means absolutely nothing to anyone not even the company. But on this topic, PS3 is currently in 2nd in sales or about to pass the 360 and the later the PS4 and 720 come out the PS3 might even pass Wii.

The PS3 won't surpass the Wii. That's simply not going to be possible because of it's price point and it's lack of appeal to casuals. You'd need another 30 million sales to catch up to the Wii, and that's assuming the Wii doesn't sell another console. The Wii is an incredibly easy buy for any lower-middle income parents, and it'll continue to sell until nintendo stops supporting it.

I'm pretty sure the Wii doesn't sell anymore and I think PS3 is only around 25 million sales behind and PS3 will probably continue to sell for another five years.

The Wii sold 10 million units last year. Sony sold just under 14 million. Sony will not catch up.
4 years ago#32
If they sell it for 500. For 499, maybe I buy it.

It can't be worse than a Wii U.
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4 years ago#33
If the PS3 isn't finish last at $600, I doubt the PS4 will.
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4 years ago#34
If they price the PS4 above $500 again, I'm not sure they'll survive this next generation.
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4 years ago#35
wow, TBC's still going at it?
4 years ago#36
I think the PS4 probably will finish last at that price range. Only because correct me if I'm wrong but I remember reading something that stated that the ps4 will be 2 to three years while the Xbox is 1 to 2. If the Ps4 is a year after the Xbox and not leaps and bounds above it then I can see it doing poorly.

Mainly since everyone has a Wii and probably the same will be true for the Wii U but people generally choose the Xbox or Ps3 not both. Also the fact that the Ps3 was seen as a cheap Blu-ray player helped to warrant it's price. Without the assistance of emerging formats 500+ isn't worth it. At that price and by the time it is released I'm sure a tower at the same price will already have surpassed it.

They may try to push something like with the vita and it's overpriced fancy memory cards and awkard SD cards if the price is under 500. Just to make up the difference I don't put it past them.
Ignorance is Bliss...
4 years ago#37
JONlCS posted...
wow, TBC's still going at it?

Yeah, 6 years of trolling now. That's some dedication. Too bad it's aimed at such a waste of time and life.
4 years ago#38
ei dude, why you deleted me?
4 years ago#39
Me mate? On what?
4 years ago#40

i bought a slim today lol.
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