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Should the next street fighter continue the 6 button input tradition? (Poll)
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Which company is better at localizing PS3 games? (Poll)
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Thank you to GFAQs for recommending me the best jrpg that suits my needs! <3
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Best Game in the Devil May Cry Series (Poll)
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Right game, right time. (And wrong game, wrong time.)CaIiber34558/29 8:40PM
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Not sure why my ps3 says it's full...MuxTheBest48/29 7:56PM
Resonance of Fate, the Dark Souls of turnbased RPGs?
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Rio_Ryo168/29 7:50PM
Biohazard HD Physical Asia PS3 version Eng audio and subs 35 bucksDevilman_Amon68/29 7:12PM
Favorite Megaman X games (Poll)
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RE REmake graphics for PS3 look better than most Western gamesJx101048/29 6:57PM