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Will you purchase the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3?

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3 years ago#61
I already have ME1 on PC and have beaten the series on both PC and PS3, but I will be buying the trilogy if my purchased Me2 and Me3 DLC works. I would rather have all 3 games in one package.

Mass Effect has joined GTA in that this is another series where I will buy any and every game they have to offer, sometimes multiple times, just because I can't get over how amazing it all is.
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3 years ago#62
freakofnature30 posted...
Aalvi posted...
getting me1 on psn store for 14.99

Yeah, this.

Whoa, didn't know this, but will do this for sure.
3 years ago#63
eventually, i didnt care to much for mass effect 3, the story wasnt fulfilling to me. Or in other words seemed like it was lacking compared to the 2nd one.

but regardless i will buy it just to have it to play over n over lol
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3 years ago#64
I already own them on my pc. I don't need to get them again.
3 years ago#65
Yeah, I enjoy playing 'em on the PS3 over the PC so it'll be nice to have all three on my favorite console.
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3 years ago#66
Played about half the first game on my old 360. Ignored ME2 and ME3 since I could not finish ME1. So I'll be getting it on launch or the day after to play all the serie in one go!
3 years ago#67
Benzychenz posted...
Yep, I've ignored the series until now seeing as I couldn't play 1.

This. Heard great things about the series, so I'm signing up (though I hear so many complaints about ME3's ending it's ridiculous). From what I hear though it was expanded on DLC, which should be included on the collection, so maybe it won't be that bad. Not to mention ME sounds like my kind of game.
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3 years ago#68
I unno maybe down the road, I LOVED ME1 but I got really bored playing ME2 and never ended up finishing it. Might try again though if I can get the trilogy for cheap lol
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3 years ago#69
Will ME3 come with the Extended cut?
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3 years ago#70
plasticman13 posted...
Will ME3 come with the Extended cut?

ME3 will just be the retail game, but the extended cut is free.
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