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does anyone here actually live near a good gamestop

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3 years ago#1
I hear all these horror stories of gamestop all the time but there's one thats a few blocks away from me that's pretty honest. They don't sell you used games as new(all of the new ones are sealed), they don't beg you to preorder games, when they buy ur systems they dont bother to check it, and if you wanna cancel a preorder they'll do it no questions asked. There's also another gamestop a few miles away but they're shady and are the opposite of the one I normally go to. Point is not all gamestops are bad just most of them if you live near a good one consider yourself lucky
3 years ago#2
I haven't had any issues with the one I currently go to. I had a lot with the one I used to visit.
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3 years ago#3
The EB/Gamestops around here aren't terrible. I wish they wouldn't ask "are you sure?" about every damn protection plan though. Stopped getting suckered into that back when PS2 was still #1.
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3 years ago#4
My local GameStop isn't bad, all the guys who work there are pretty cool and I game online regularly with some of them, even one who is into MMO games on PC like I am. We try a lot of new MMO's lol. Anyway, I have gone to some GameStops that were pretty bad in terms of customer service, but other than that, I know of a few good GameStops around me (there are like 15 GameStops within 25 miles of me, benefit of living in Orlando, FL).
3 years ago#5
i like relatively close to many Gamestops (i live within a short driving distance of 3 separate malls, one has 3 Gamestops in it) and have never had a problem with any.
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3 years ago#6
if they ask "are you sure" then say "im not just sure im hiv positive" 10 points to whoever gets where thats from
3 years ago#7
The one i go to angrinon, they are pretty nice, but they are annoying when they keep asking when your about to buy something ; IS this all? Are you sure you don't wanna pre-order "insert name" game?
3 years ago#8
phoenix9107 posted...
10 points to whoever gets where thats from

Bedlam lyric?
3 years ago#9
Check out my backlog:
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3 years ago#10
The one near me has only been around a few years but it has some decent employees. They still try to push reserves and stuff because it's their job but otherwise they aren't a bad bunch of guys. The coolest one is this openly gay guy who is extremely friendly and sociable. He's one of the more pleasant people to deal with there. Not that the rest aren't nice guys, but some of them are a little too nerdy or shady.

I've never had a real problem with Gamestop staff in general though. I worked at one many years ago and became really tight friends with a bunch of my co-workers. I've generally had good experiences with GS employees even at other locations. Maybe because I understand what they're going through and I don't give people a hard time in retail. I get what I want, maybe talk to them a little, and get out.
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