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Nostalgia Goggles On: Remember the first game you bought for each console

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User Info: Jprime666

4 years ago#181
I bought a genesis, saturn and N64 used after they'd been out for some time and came with a bunch of games, so i won't count them. I'm only counting consoles I bought new.

Not counting pack-ins

NES: I honestly don't remember
SNES: Megaman X
PS1: Final Fantasy VII
PS2: Final Fantasy X
Gamecube: Super Smash Bros Melee
PS3: Killzone 2 (what a boring introduction)
360: Saint's Row
GB: Super Mario Land
GBA: Yoshi's Island
DS: The World Ends With You
PSP: Megaman Maverick Hunter X
3DS: Ocarina of Time
Vita: Blazblue

User Info: firedraco2

4 years ago#182
PS1 = Chocobo Racing
PS2 = Don't remember...
PS3 = White Knight Chronicles

Xbox = KotR 2 I think...
360 = ES4: Oblivion

GB = Tecmo Bowl or maybe Pokemon Blue
GBA = Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

PSP = Dissidia
DS = SMT: Devil Survivor
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User Info: abnergoinbig

4 years ago#183
PS1: Hercules
PS2: Tekken 3 (I was a kid and didnt see any PS2 games I wanted)
PS3: Heavy Rain

User Info: abnergoinbig

4 years ago#184
Xbox: Madden (sadly)
Xbox 360: Condemned Criminal Origins

Nintendo 64: Mario 64
Gamecube: Sonic DX

User Info: bodrock

4 years ago#185
Let's see....

NES:Ninja Gaiden
Genesis: Altered Beast
SegaCD: Willy Beamish
Game Gear: Mortal Kombat
SNES: Street Fighter II
N64: Goldeneye
Wii: Wii Sports
PS1: Resident Evil
DS: Super Mario 64 DS
Xbox360: TES4Oblivion
PSP: Metal Gear AC!D
3DS: Tales of the Abyss


User Info: midgar

4 years ago#186
NES: Skate or Die
SNES: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
SegaCD: Lunar SSS
PS1: Probably FF7
PS2: GT3...?
PS3: Warhawk
360: Battlefield:MC
Wii: SMG
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User Info: SunSolFlare

4 years ago#187
PC: Sonic CD, Ecco the Dolphin, Comix Zone
Sega Saturn: Sonic 3D Blast
Nintendo 64: Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64
Game Boy: Super Mario Land
Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure
Game Boy Color: Pokemon Gold
Game Boy Advance: Sonic Advance
Gamecube: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Nintendo DS: Super Mario 64 DS
Nintendo Wii: Twilight Princess
Xbox 360: Soul Calibur 4
Nintendo 3DS: Star Fox 64

User Info: kyonurika

4 years ago#188
ps1= cool borders
ps2= hack on copy lol from sunday market!!!
ps3= uncharted 2

nes= duck hunt
snes= mario world
n64= i only remember mario 64 lol
gamecube = tales of symphonia

megadrive= strider
saturn= nights into dreams
dreamcast= Ferrari game

xbox= rainbow six 3
xbox 360 = crackdown

User Info: Rockman99

4 years ago#189
NES: SMB/Duck Hunt/Track Meet
GEN: Sonic 2
N64: Zelda OOT
GCN: Rogue Squadron 2
PS2: Dragon Quest VIII
PS3: Uncharted 2
360: Oblivion

User Info: Alluvion

4 years ago#190
NES - Contra, Double Dragon, Mega Man 2
Gameboy - Metroid II: Return of Samus
Game Boy Advance - Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Super Nintendo - Contra III: The Alien Wars
N64 - GoldenEye 007
Playstation - Diablo, Breath of Fire III
Playstation 2 - Summoner, Kessen
PSP - Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
DS - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
PS3 - Final Fantasy XIII
Wii - Metroid: Other M
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