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Nostalgia Goggles On: Remember the first game you bought for each console

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User Info: DRAGONReD_88

4 years ago#61
PS1 : Final Fantasy VIII
PS2 : Final Fantasy X
PS3 : Final Fantasy XIII

Go FF!
Mada Mada Dane

User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#62
NES - Super Mario Bros
Gameboy - Super Mario Land
Genesis - Sonic 2
Playstation - Resident Evil
Gameboy Advance - Super Mario Advance
Playstation 2 - Final Fantasy X
Gamecube - Resident Evil 4
PSP - Crisis Core
Playstation 3 - FInal Fantasy XIII
N64 - Mario Kart 64
SNES - Legend of Zelda Link to the Past
3DS XL - Theatrythm
PS Vita - Persona 4
PSN: toadieman

User Info: Garr-

4 years ago#63
NES: Pretty sure it was Super Mario Bros
SNES: A Link to the Past I think
Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog
N64: Mario 64
Gamecube: Luigi's Mansion
Wii: Twilight Princess
PS1: Medievil
PS2: Klonoa 2
PS3: Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
PSP: Medievil Resurrection
Gameboy: Super Mario Land
Gameboy Color: Pokemon Silver
Gameboy Advance: Pokemon Ruby
DS: Super Mario 64 DS
3DS: Mario Kart 7
Vita: Persona 4 Golden

User Info: bigtiggie23

4 years ago#64
PS1-Final Fantasy 7 and WCW vs The World

PS2-Fantavision and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

PS3-Virtua Fighter 5, MGS4, and LOST Via Domus
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User Info: killak

4 years ago#65
From: methosagain | #055
Neogeo: Magician Lord

NICE, man!! Same.

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User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#66
- Megadrive/Genesis - World If Illusion, Castle Of Illusion, Sonic The Hedgehog
- Playstation - Resident Evil 2, Fifa '99, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot 2
- Playstation 2 - Grand Theft Auto III, Pro Evoluton Soccer, Resident Evil CVX
- GameCube - Resident Evil Remake, Super Mario Sunshine
- Xbox 360 - Oblivion, Dead Rising
- Playstation 3 - Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank TOD, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance
- Wii - Super Mario Galaxy

- Gameboy Colour - Pokemon Blue
- PSP - Crisis Core
- DS - Mario
PLAYING - Halo 4 (360), Walking Dead (360), Tales Of Graces f (PS3)
MOST WANTED - FFvsXIII, GTAV, Ni No Kuni, Tales Of Xillia, Lightning Returns

User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
4 years ago#67
Damn, I thought we were just naming Sony consoles and so I followed the TC's lead. Here's the rest of my list.

I don't remember what the first NES game I got was, aside from SMB. Maybe Legend of Zelda, the first one.

Genesis: Streets of Rage

SNES: Street Fighter 2

N64: Wave Race 64

Saturn: Mystaria

Xbox: Halo

Gamecube: Viewtiful Joe

Wii: Super Mario Galaxy

Xbox 360: A bunch at launch, but Condemned was probably the one I wanted/liked most.
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User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#68
Atari: Came with a bunch of games, but the one I remember the most was Pitfall
Genesis: Sonic 2 I think
Playstation: Don't remember, maybe Twisted Metal 3.
N64: Got 10 games from my friend with the system. Goldeneye and most of the big Nintendo games
PS2: Final Fantasy X
Gamecube: Wind Waker
GBA: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
DS: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow/ Mario Kart DS
Wii: Super Smash Bros Brawl
PS3: God of War Collection
3DS: Ocarina of Time/ Shadow Wars
Reading: Nothing. Waiting for Cold Days to be released on 11/27

User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#69
VIC-20 - Cavity Crusaders
Commodore 64 - Had tons of games, first game I personally owned was Captain America & Spider-Man in Dr. Doom's Revenge
Atari - Had tons, was kinda "gifted" them, didn't buy one afterwards
NES - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not counting the Mario / Duck Hunt pack-in)
Game Boy - Metroid II
Genesis - Quack Shot starring Donald Duck (not counting Sonic pack-in)
Game Gear - Captain America & the Avengers (not counting Sonic 2 pack-in)
PC - The Ultimate DOOM
Playstation - Final Fantasy 7
N64 - Goldeneye
Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure
Playstation 2 - Dynasty Warriors 2
Gamecube - Super Smash Bros. Melee
Xbox - Halo (not counting the Sega GT & JSRF pack-in)
Game Boy Advance - Metroid Fusion
PSP - Metal Gear Acid
Xbox 360 - Perfect Dark Zero
Nintendo DS - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Playstation 3 - Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire
Wii - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Sega Saturn - Package of games off eBay that came with the system
3DS - Lego Star Wars Episode 3
Playstation Vita - Touch My Katamari

That should cover every system I owned, along with the first game I got for each system. Think it's all in chronological order, too.

User Info: deprofundis442

4 years ago#70
NES: Bubble Bobble
SNES: Super Mario World
PS1: Never had one, but first ps1 game I bought was FFIX
PC: Drakan
PS2: Drakan 2
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