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What do you have as your avatar?

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User Info: 101TheBoss

4 years ago#1
The Sao Paulo girl from MP3.

User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#2
Classic megaman
PSN: toadieman

User Info: MwarriorHiei

4 years ago#3
the weird blue duck thing

User Info: chssnaredrum04

4 years ago#4
viewtiful joe (face version that is)
"chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit."

User Info: spectermaster14

4 years ago#5
Crash Bandicoot.

User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#6
Melize from Legasista.
Sailor Moon returns 2013! O_o

User Info: XGenkaiX

4 years ago#7
Laharl from Disgaea 1
PSN: FrozenLeafz
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User Info: RioichiCooper

4 years ago#8
Sly Cooper. After all these years, he's still my favorite character.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 years ago#9
Right now it's the Chimera from Dragon's Dogma. I love the gryphon more but the pose was boring.
Max: "I think he just needs a hug, or a sharp blow to the head."

User Info: Zakinator

4 years ago#10
the gray smiling bomb, haven't changed it since the day I got my PS3.
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