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How mad are you that the Last of Us is no longer a ps3 exclusive ? (Poll)
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theGodPanties317/29 4:52AM
Who here disables subtitles when they play games?
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dillpickle69977/29 4:48AM
Does DLC ever go down in price?
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nurnberg137/29 4:09AM
Have you ever had to upgrade your PS3's hard drive?STN7957/29 3:56AM
(Rapture VS. Columbia) Which city would you rather live in?
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CcXs237/29 2:08AM
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TLoU $25 Trade-in w/o coverg3n0v4h27/29 12:06AM
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Dead Island is a Masterpiece on PS3 just like Black on PS2
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w0rldsrichest347/28 11:29PM
Am i missing where the new sales are for this week on the Playstation blog?WhiteWolf33887/28 10:34PM
Poll: Lee And Clementine vs Joel and Ellie (Poll)Mandrew257107/28 10:31PM
If you could date a gaming character, who would it be?
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harcoreblazer627/28 10:02PM
Something bugs me about RPGs
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DualArms117/28 9:59PM
How to upload screenshots to Facebook page?Ghoul_Green27/28 9:57PM
Never experienced digital devil saga how does it hold up today?
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Nend0167/28 9:30PM
How do you feel about missables? (Poll)Spurner57/28 9:11PM
Drakengard 3 and Lollipop Chainsaw good fun games and worth buying?
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MarikoNumber35217/28 8:56PM
I really hope this game gets localized after it's release.lopol1277/28 8:27PM