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Top 5 Games YOU Want on PS3

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User Info: Curlis

4 years ago#31
1. Kingdom Hearts III
2. Xenoblade
3. Dark Cloud 3
4. A new spyro game in lieu of the PS1 games
5. TimeSplitters 4
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User Info: Jonvandamm

4 years ago#32
1. Shenmue 3
2. Contra( Hard Corps doesn't count)
3. God Hand 2
4. Bushido Blade
5. A new IP by Treasure.
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User Info: GatxStrikeAegis

4 years ago#33
1. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
2. Kingdom Hearts 3
3. Final Fantasy Type-0
4. Xenosaga (if there's any)
5. Persona 5

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#34
In no particular order:
-A SOCOM that doesn't suck.
-Syphon Filter, but it's gotta be like the old ones, not the crappy newer ones.
-A true original Mega Man sequel, not these cash-in 2D NES sprite games. 9 was a nice throwback, 10 was overkill.
-Another 3rd person 007 game, except with actual replay value.
-Some non-shooting games that would make PS Move worth having.

User Info: ce_ec

4 years ago#35
1.) Monster Hunter
2.) Monster Hunter
3.) Monster Hunter
4.) Monster Hunter
5.) Left 4 Dead 3
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