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2012 PS3 Game of the Year

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4 years ago#21
Tales of Graces f.
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4 years ago#22
Dragon's Dogma for me
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4 years ago#23
Probably Mass Effect 3 for me. or Assassins Creed 3. Not much on the exclusive front this year.
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4 years ago#24
4 years ago#25
Assassin's Creed 3
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4 years ago#26
Neptunia Mk2

it's the only PS3 exclusive game I bought that came out this year.
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4 years ago#27
Tales of Graces F or Playstation All-Stars. Though it may change when I finally get to playing Dragon's Dogma.
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4 years ago#28
The Walking Dead
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4 years ago#29
PS All-Stars Royale thingy. The SSB clone.
4 years ago#30
Twisted Metal
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