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POLL: Do you own a Sony BD remote for your PS3?

#11GiSS88Posted 11/29/2012 12:38:12 AM
I put D, but I actually have a Logitech Harmony Universal remote and the BT adapter, so I can just use my all around remote for when I want to watch movies/Amazon OD
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#12TivorPosted 11/29/2012 12:50:40 AM
I didn't think I'd ever need it, but once I actually used it, I was surprised how much I liked it.

The "killer feature" for me was the one-button 15-sec rewind/FF. Sure, you can get the same result with manually rewinding and playing with the controller, but it's more convenient with just one button press. After all, the whole point of a remote control is more convenience.

Besides, I no longer have to put up with my guests asking me, "how do I rewind?" when they are given a DualShock3. (which was really the reason I got the remote in the first place)
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#13BenzychenzPosted 11/29/2012 12:54:13 AM
Yeah I've got one. Good luck teaching the parents how to use a controller to play DVDs.
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