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What setting you play on, easy medium hard...

#131SirWaWaPosted 12/2/2012 12:08:51 PM
easy, unless options/gameplay gets gimped or it affects trophy obtain-ability
#132pacpuf7249Posted 12/2/2012 12:15:37 PM
I started Infamous and Uncharted 1 both on Hard cause I mastered both demos for about 2 years before actually playing the full products.

When I was child I also enjoyed the challenge, but always had to start at Normal cuae I wasnt good enough. When I got better I bumped it up to Hard/
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#133ninjainthetreesPosted 12/2/2012 12:32:22 PM
FOR shooters i go HARD everytime (lol)

FOR hack and slash i go normal then hard then dante must die LOL

For platformers i wish they had a hard mode

for zelda i wish they had a hard mode too

For Survial horror (eg silent hill) i go Action level hard, Puzzle normal, OR action level normal, puzzle hard.

For racing games i dont even know anymore

For stealth games i go NORMAL - seriously MANHUNT on normal was scary

For stealth games entitled METAL GEAR SOLID i go HARD straight away (lol)

For strategy rpg i go hard - when i get xcom i'll start on classic difficuly first and then inevitably restart on normal becasue got put to bed night night long time forever

For puzzle i go EASY then NORMAL then HARD then get BORED
#134Strifer201Posted 12/2/2012 12:35:02 PM
For shooters (okay, the only shooters I enjoy lately are CoD entries) I go on the maximum difficulty. Clears up some trophies and is good practice for online play.

For everything else, normal.
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#135GoatJugSoupPosted 12/2/2012 12:36:36 PM
Medium, it would feel like wimping out to start with any other difficulty. There are a few games I will come back to and try on a harder difficulty if I enjoyed the first playthrough.
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#136Natedogg316Posted 12/2/2012 12:53:16 PM
I start out on medium. I don't want the game to be a cakewalk, but I also don't want the enemies to be too tough my first time through. In my second playthrough, I generally play on hard.
#137Jason_HudsonPosted 12/2/2012 1:00:28 PM(edited)
Very easy, can't be bothered to die over and over again in some frustrating area. Complete the game and get on with it is how I go.

I rent games most of the time too, so I don't bother spending long on them.
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#138TheCyborgNinjaPosted 12/2/2012 12:58:02 PM
It depends on the game and what I want to get out of it.
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#139Chrebet808Posted 12/2/2012 1:00:31 PM
real men only play with hard on
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#140Eureka_Seven_RLPosted 12/2/2012 1:01:55 PM
Always hard unless I know I'm not going to platinum the game.
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