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What setting you play on, easy medium hard...

#51Afrotastic_JPosted 12/2/2012 3:08:38 AM
Normal, unless it's with a familiar series (Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, Halo).
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#52PHEEliNUXPosted 12/2/2012 3:59:07 AM
Most of the times on Easy, When i get familiar with the stage/game i increase it or replay it in higher difficulty
#53tabian00Posted 12/2/2012 4:45:12 AM
Always Normal. I will only consider Easy if I want to just watch some Cutscenes or play for the Storylines. I will almost never consider Hard because ... really ... who am I trying to impress? ;)
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#54ManaAlchemistPosted 12/2/2012 4:46:41 AM
Depends completely on the game type. Most games i play are RPG's so i usually go with normal/medium, but when playing fighting or FPS games, i usually go with easy as i suck at them.
#55NovaKaneXPosted 12/2/2012 4:47:44 AM
Normal if I plan on playin' mutiple times to get all the upgrades w/o grindin'. Otherwise, I'll just start on Hard.
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#56Gen2000Posted 12/2/2012 4:49:00 AM
Whatever the current highest difficulty is available at the start which is annoying since majority of games makes you have to unlock the true highest difficulty first.
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#57Mutant1988Posted 12/2/2012 4:51:41 AM
Highest difficulty for first/third person shooters.

Normal difficulty for everything else.
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#58Nathalmighty1Posted 12/2/2012 5:04:00 AM
I start pretty much all games on the hardest available setting. The only game in recent memory that I couldn't do that for was Catherine. Geez that game is a tough cookie!
#59J2006Posted 12/2/2012 5:07:12 AM
Most games I start on default: normal/medium, and depending on the game and how good I feel I've gotten, or if normal's too easy, I'll switch to hard, maybe higher. Sometimes the challenge is really fun when you feel like you're fighting for your life and every decision counts. And then some games are just exercises in frustration, so I'll turn it down to easy if I can't get through the first few levels or hours without wanting to throw my controller.
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#60Ghetto_ninjaPosted 12/2/2012 5:11:05 AM
I usually go for hard especially if there is trophies involved. That's why I kind of get mad at games that scale the difficulty based on whether you've gained enough xp to get access items and skills that make the higher difficulties even manageable like Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City(assuming your playing solo).
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