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your top 3 Favorite Final Fantasy Characters?

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User Info: HIroChu

4 years ago#71

"Guess who uses bras as butt cheek holders?"

User Info: TheBlueChannel

4 years ago#72
1. Delita (FFT)
2. Cecil (FFIV)
3. Locke (FFVI)
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User Info: ManaAlchemist

4 years ago#73
1. Tifa
2. Auron
3. Lulu

User Info: toastiestcoopa

4 years ago#74
Top 3-
1. Vivi
2. Cid highwind
3. Balthier
honorable mentions- Auron, Celes

worst 3-
1. Vaan
2. Final Fantasy 13 cast (especially Hope and Snow)
3. Edward
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#75
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User Info: scarletspeed7

4 years ago#76
1. Cid Highwind
2. Balthier Bunansa
3. Auron

Bottom 3:
1. Porom/Palom
2. Yuna
3. Gau

User Info: LatinoHeat56

4 years ago#77
1. Zack
2. Cloud
3. Sephiroth

User Info: ArcFan10000

4 years ago#78
1) Shadow ( Throwing useless weapons just see how much damage is done )
2) Locke ( First character that could steal, I dont think Edge from FF4 could steal but he could throw weapons)
3) Terra ( she's half human and half esper, one of a kind)
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User Info: DeathofratsII

4 years ago#79
1. Freya
2. Lulu

Beatrix/Red XIII get an honor mention.
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User Info: LifeOfSyn

4 years ago#80
1) Auron
2) Basch
3) Gabranth
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