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What happened to the console war?

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3 years ago#31
the rest of us got tired of watching idiots argue and these topics started dying instantly due to lack of interest.
3 years ago#32
Most people grew up amd figured out that the whole console war crap was stupid and decided it was better to play on the system they liked than to participate in childish "my e-peen is better than yours!" arguments.

The only ones who havent realized this yet are the PC elitists who run around preaching about how powerful their PC is while they have to pay a couple hundred every year or two for upgrades just to play the newest games.
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3 years ago#33
With all due respect, you fools all are completely wrong. And since we've all seen Ricky Bobby, we know that it is ok for me to say whatever I want as long as I precede it with "with all due respect" ...

the Vtech Innotab 2 won

*end sarcasm*
3 years ago#34
I have already started saving money for the next one. Its gonna be pricey going multiplat again.
3 years ago#35
the babies grew up.
3 years ago#36
Console war is outdated, Genre war is where it's at.
3 years ago#37
wii won get over it .
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3 years ago#38
It was over when the 360 and PS3 lost to the Wii in Sales, whcih was terrible for anything except first party.
3 years ago#39
i own all 3 consoles so i won
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3 years ago#40
Console peasants and their console wars. PC gaming is the real deal.
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