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Post your reaction to the DMC demo.

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3 years ago#21
As a fan of DMC since it first came out on PS2 i really liked the new take on it with DmC. All the people saying its bad and that Capcom shouldve did it themselves prob dont even know that the original DMC team was overseeing and somewhat helping NT with DmC to make sure it feels like Devil May Cry.
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3 years ago#22
Meh. It seems fine but I've just grown tired of the series. Nothing in it grabbed me or made me feel like it's a must play.
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3 years ago#23
I liked it. It lacks polish, though. I Immediately managed to break the scripting during the first boss battle.
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3 years ago#24
You can definitely feel the difference between a 30 fps action game and a 60 fps one with it.
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3 years ago#25
It's alright, the combat was pretty decent and it does take a different approach to learning it then DMC. Which honestly thank god for that. One thing that made me like Bayonetta more was that it required a different approach to learn it. Seeinghte same thing for DmC made me happy,

But some control choices made me iffy like switching weapons, launching enemies.
3 years ago#26
Not good. Demo crashed on me as well. Won't be buying. Still sad they ruined DMC... been a fan since early DMC1.

Ah well. Metal Gear Rising it is - now that games demo rocked.
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3 years ago#27
I thought it was very good, better than DMC4, which I expected. Combat is great, art style is unique, and Dante is cool.
3 years ago#28
First level = Meh
Boss battle = LOL
3 years ago#29
Didn't like it at first, but the more times I played thru it, the more it grew on me, def looking forward to January 15 now!
3 years ago#30
Seeing the controls:

FIrst level:


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