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Game: Remove one letter from a game's title...

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2 years ago#251
Person 3

Basically just life sim part of Persona 3 XD
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2 years ago#252
Chimpanzee_That posted...
Able - The Journey - You play as a handicapped man, determined to prove to his friends that he is capable climbing the highest mountains and braving the deepest Jungles. Features hilarious 'Limbo' style deaths.

I'd buy.

Thumbs up to whoever remembers:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Beeds

Help Buffy, Willow & Xander collect 64 mystical beads that when combined in true bracelet form make the trio speak in song - forever. The closing credits has its own fifty-minute soundtrack included with the game.
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2 years ago#253
Motsu posted...

Okemon - A game about a Jamaican Doctor.

Why DOESN'T this exist?!
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2 years ago#254
Drago's Dogma.
2 years ago#255
QUOTE 'SM City - you are the virtual mayor of a town of sexual wierdos!'

God, that game would be great...

Mega Ma X - These Fat MILF know how to party... Watch them be exctatic while devouring whipped cream.

Hosts and Goblins - Body Snatching goblins are at it again... Watch them try to take over your body.

OP Gun - Complain on Xbox Live in a 12 year old voice that that Sniper Rifle is cheap and a noob cannon...

Star Ox - You play as Star Ox, an ox of incredible fertility. Your goal is to inseminate anything remotely female looking, including dummies before Farmer Peppy gives you the cattle prod... But beware of Mad Ox diesease.

Tar Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - Global Warming is almost stopped thanks to the effort of hippies wolrdwide... But the Oil Empire has a plan ::: One that will bring the poles down and finally murder all the artic bears.
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2 years ago#256
Orange Poo
Play as an orange [poo], and don't fall off the ledge into the forest.

Ero Wing
Somebody set up us the bomb.
2 years ago#257
Twisted Meal - A Cooking game using uncoventional ingredients
Heavenly Word - Uncover God's true name, based on the movie PI
Bihazzard - An outbreak of bisexual zombies.
Grand Heft Auto - You play a personal fitness trainer that piggy back rides on fat people to make them lose weight.
Sonic The HedgeHo - You play as a fast Hedgehog prostitute who has to run from her pimp before you get pimp slapped.
2 years ago#258
Alo 4 - a shooter game in hawaii
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2 years ago#259
I Famous 2 : Prance around your friends as a superstar.
The wind carried screams from the west. I could not help but smile - Kain PSN : Stealth_Cobra | MGO ID : Killed by Konami's Greed
2 years ago#260
BioSock - the rivetting story of a genetically engineered sock made out of a mixture of biological material. A SANDAL... FALLS... A SOCK.... STAYS

Half Lie - Can you..... bend the truth in a half lie? 2-4 players, ages M for mature.

Dark Sols - a million suns, gone dark. This epic sci fi adventure literally has no graphics - just sound.

Pants vs. Zombies - can you stop those crazy zombies from getting out of these wacky pants?!

Sukoden II - instead of being one of the best RPGs ever this game... justs suks.

Treet Fighter - Ironical spelling? Sure! Beat up candy, cookies, and ice cream in this tournament of champions.

Twisted Meal - Bring your sweet tooth, because dinner itself is all topsy turvy!
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