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Never Played Tales of... before

#31demonfang178Posted 12/4/2012 6:41:47 PM
Pretty much every localized Tales of has something major against.

Graces has a lackluster plot, especially toward the end, but probably has the best cast and gameplay to boot (could do without the Evasion-Accuracy system tho'). You'd think an anmesiac girl with a child's mentality would be boring, but the things they did with Sophie are impressive.

Abyss has the worst backtracking, the stupidest characters (especially THAT ONE scene, you know the one), terrible pacing, and timed side quests. But has the probably the best plot and is the most broken for you, not against you. It's amusing to see how much you can broke the battle system. to no Mystic Artes and the ones that are in are incredibly situational and has the weakest battle system compared to Abyss and Graces.

Don't advise Phantasia or Symphonia 2 and I never played Vesperia. Honestly, they're all solid (except Symphonia 2), just pick whichever flaw is the lowest priority for you.