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Skyrim+Dark Souls=Best W/JRPGs this gen?

#1zerooo0Posted 12/4/2012 5:57:50 AM

Skyrim great for messing around, and just exploring.

DarkSouls great for the higher Difficulty Spikes, and exploring.

Both games=good.
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#2SpacePirateSealPosted 12/4/2012 6:33:58 AM
Demon's Souls > Dark Souls /topic
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#3AXKSIONPosted 12/4/2012 6:40:43 AM
SpacePirateSeal posted...
Demon's Souls > Dark Souls /topic

I love Dark Souls more.

Much more variety and Dark Souls seems twice as expansive. The enemies and bosses are more imaginative, and the level design is pure genius. Plus the DLC is amazing!

Both games are the best two games this gen though.
#4JonvandammPosted 12/4/2012 6:41:37 AM
SpacePirateSeal posted...
Demon's Souls > Dark Souls /topic

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#5ScreamingMidgetPosted 12/4/2012 6:41:55 AM
You are right about D Souls, but Skyrim is just a turd and nowhere near the best. The Witcher 2 takes that spot.
#6zUkUuPosted 12/4/2012 6:42:17 AM
skyrim was awful.

and no, NieR has a bigger impact. Souls game are very good tho - but in a different aspect.
#7VanderZooPosted 12/4/2012 6:45:05 AM
I'd rank Mass Effect 1/2, Dragon Age Origins and the two Witcher games above Skyrim. And as for best JRPG, I'd give that to Xenoblade chronicles.
#8megamanx1291Posted 12/4/2012 6:46:04 AM
Xenoblade>everything you listed above.
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#9AXKSIONPosted 12/4/2012 6:49:34 AM
zUkUu posted...
and no, NieR has a bigger impact. Souls game are very good tho - but in a different aspect.

Oh no, not you again, the Nier troll.

Nier sold like what 700,000 copies?

Well both Dark and Demon's Souls sold 4 million combined, so that averages 2 million each, and that pwns your 700,000 copies, so not sure how that unpolished game Nier can have the bigger impact. How about you just stop lying and go away? K,thx,bie

megamanx1291 posted...
Xenoblade>everything you listed above.

Except for Dark Souls and Demon's Souls which are far better.
#10zUkUuPosted 12/4/2012 6:58:07 AM
ah yeah I forgot that sales determine the quality of a game.

Man, Dark and Demon Souls sure are turds, since CoD sold 11 million in one week... see what I did here?

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