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Was there no PS3 games released this year?

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User Info: OhHeyltsYou

4 years ago#1
Because according to the Spike VGAs, there wasn't. The only PS3 game in the PS3 category is Journey. The rest are multiplatform games. I'm glad Journey is there, I hope it wins GOTY, but come on.. I know there was more than just that this year.
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User Info: killak

4 years ago#2
Who cares about Video Game Award shows.
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User Info: Ragnaknite

4 years ago#3
There was no PS3 games released ever, because it doesn't have any.


User Info: Gam3r777

4 years ago#4
I know there wasn't any real rpg's released this year. That's for damn sure.

User Info: ArkonBlade

4 years ago#5
every thing exclusive that sony had was released early on in the year like Twisted Metal and Star Hawk . They did have Playstation All Stars and LBPK for the end of this year . Though there strongest game by far is going to be The last of Us which isn't till next year.and i hope to hell The last gaurdian some how gets out next year. If i don't see any thing about this game at E3 2013 with a release date i am giving up on it and wont believe its ever coming out till i am actaully playing it... even then i still might be sketch about it being real when i am actaully playing it.
SRPG games...i just love them!
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User Info: Viewtiful_Jon

4 years ago#6
Is this the show that had the best game supported by DEW catagory a few years back. After I saw that I figured they were microsoft fanboys.

User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#7
lol video game awards.

"where fanboys go to be justified"

User Info: the_great_tidus

4 years ago#8
that show is a glorified advertisment for big name games.

I want gaming to have a more legitimate awards show, but it will probably never happen because the videogame fans are idiots and the older generation doesn't understand videogames.
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