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Games that you are waiting for price drops for

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2 years ago#1
1. DBZ Budokai HD
2. GTA V

I already got AC3 and Dishonored on Black Friday for $35 and $25 respectively.

Also LEGO LOTR Vita for $20
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2 years ago#2
GTA V, the games isn't even out until spring. You'll be waiting a long time. Nba 2k13 for me.
2 years ago#3
Hitman Absolution
Mass Effect 3
Dragon's Dogma
Asura's Wrath
DmC (when it comes out)
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2 years ago#4
Borderlands 2 but i know there's more i'm not thinking of, i'm still on first cup of coffee.
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2 years ago#5
^Asura's Wrath is like 16-17 bucks on Amazon, that's pretty damn cheap to me.
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2 years ago#6
16 to 17 bones for QTE the Game is pretty damn expensive.
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2 years ago#7
Yeah im not buying Asura until it hits like $8 and even then it will be when I am bored.

I was hoping Asura would be an action game such as god of war or devil may cry. I would have bought it day 1 if it was.

Since its just a playable movie, im only paying movie price.
PS3, Vita, 3DS. PSN: xLionhartx
2 years ago#8
Well, not a price drop, persay... rather the re-release of RE6 ... I need that GOLD EDITION dudes
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2 years ago#9
DmC (When it comes out)
RE6 (waiting for a price drop on the gold edition, When it comes out)
God of war (When it comes out)
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2 years ago#10
current games

Farcry 3
Sleeping dogs
Saints Row The Third Full Package
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