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Is anyone else happy that Wii-Uowners finally feel what us PS3 owners have?

#21MourningReigns(Topic Creator)Posted 12/4/2012 9:28:56 PM
chiefofsb78 posted...
MourningReigns posted...
They now know how it feels to have their system brick during system updates, poor loading times, and constant patches. Not only that, the complete turn to every title being digital.

Who else likes it that those Nintendo fanboys finally know how it feels to be in the current gen with all these negatives?

im a PS3 user only i dont have those negatives what kind of bootleg console do you have

I'm talking about us PS3 users that actually use the online connectivity.
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#22servb0tsPosted 12/4/2012 9:31:16 PM
Nintendo still make great games, even past 8+bit-to 64-bit still amazing to this day.I doubt this Gen has charming games like that.
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