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What old @$$ game do you play to this very day.

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User Info: timbermaniacs

4 years ago#221
Secret of Mana, Threads of Fate, Jersery Devil, Spyro (1,2,3), FFVI...

User Info: Dogmanwalking

4 years ago#222
Old, eh? Every so often I pick up Dragon Warrior 1 and play it from beginning to end. I know it's as simple as an RPG gets, but it's still enjoyable for me.

I'm also replaying Suikoden's 1-5, finished 1 and 2 and am on 3 now.

User Info: gogezita504

4 years ago#223
Now and again, I go back to playing genesis and dreamcast games. Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Gunstar Heroes, Vectorman, Sonic Adventure 2 and Spawn: In the demon's hand. Some of my favs.
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User Info: Rebel_G

4 years ago#224
Anything Mega Man.

In fact, I just grabbed MM Anniversary Collection and MMX Collection for PS2 off Amazon for like $30.

They play great on my 60gig PS3.
PSWii60 Gamer

User Info: Zopharoth

4 years ago#225
I play some NES/SNES still, but only when the urge strikes. I still play Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye on the regular.
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User Info: Kaliesto

4 years ago#226
I can only imagine our kids are gonna pick on us for playing these old games because of the new stuff in the future, they will be like that:

You PLAYED THAT? LULZ! trololololol
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User Info: hikaruai

4 years ago#227
Star Ocean series will always be my fave, and the first two are still games I go back to very frequently
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User Info: nWoStyle

4 years ago#228
WWF No Mercy on the N64. Alternatively Tetris classic on the GB.
PSN: anthler316

User Info: Alamyst_

4 years ago#229
Final Fantasy 3
Dune 2
Mario 2,3
Herzog Zwei
Star Wars: Tie Fighter

Every few weeks I play one or more of these just because they are still enjoyable.
psn Alamyst

User Info: donpatch913

4 years ago#230
I still play Digimon World 3. It came out in 2002!
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