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Ni No Kuni is amazing

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From: RPG maniac87 | Posted: 12/5/2012 11:29:17 AM | #070
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^Hey hey. I like NNK (and have it preordered) but no need to hate on FFXIII :). No need to send negative vibes. FFXIII was a great game but it was definitely VERY different from what people expected.
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NNK with the world map XIII should have been what NNK does with the world map.

It's interesting how the people that didn't enjoy FFXIII tend to have the most poorly written posts.
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I played XIII and beat it twice and XIII still should have done what NNK is doing with the world map because it works on consoles.
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Alltra posted...
"You have to be RPG starved to think Ni no kuni is anything better than mediocre."

I feel the same way about people that like stuff like Ar Tonelico Qoga, Tales of Graces F, Mugen Souls, Atelier "Anything", Disgaea, or nearly any other RPG with the exception of Ni No Kuni.

Frankly, Ni No Kuni is anything but "Mediocre" when compared to most of the other offerings we have.

I can agree with everything except ToGF. Battle system = Fantastic. Hours and hours of fun. Story was ok. Character customization is top notch. Other games though I suppose could be considered that. but if you are an RPGer then you are only looking at RPGs to play anyways (I play wide-variety and I tend to differ in tastes with a lot of people but if an RPG is gripping, I'll play it even if it's "mediocre" I am not RPG starved then, but rather an enthusiast.)
All time favs: FFX Int., FFXIII, Shadow Hearts Series, SMT: Nocturne, SMT DS OC (3DS), ToGF, TotA, FFT, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, ARF (Wii), LO (360), TO (PSP)
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I probably should have edited it to read "RPGs on the PS3". There's a handful of RPGs on other systems that are pretty good.
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I usually replay the DQ series (along a plethora of other series like FF, Zelda) yearly.
DQ in particular is my favorite series and DQVII is my favorite game of all time, can't wait for that 3DS remake which hopefully gets released here.

Feelings are mutual with DQ7 being favorite of all time. Sadly though, and honestly too, I have no interest in the remake. I've lost that much hope within Square Enix's company, outsourced games or not.I'll stick to the original.

SE really has no influence on DQ aside from publishing and promoting, that's generally all Hori's studio Armor Project.
Hori had a deal before the merger with Enix where he retains creative control which carried over after the merger.
And they've always gotten another developer to handle the series, whether that's Chunsoft, ArtePiazza, Level 5 or Heartbeat.

SE only internally developed DQX because they understood the MMO infrastructure, but that was Hori's decision.

DQVII 3DS is being handled by ArtePiazza who did the DS remakes of the Zenithia trilogy, which are fantastic.

But we must bash Square! It's cool.

Because I totally bashed Square.

I know.
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I just tried the demo and now i can't wait for this awesome game
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