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Nov 2013

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User Info: Gojiro_Perfecto

4 years ago#1
will you buy the next COD during that time?
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User Info: OfficerTJHooka

4 years ago#2
From: Gojiro_Perfecto | #001
will you buy the next COD during that time?

I'll be buying MG: Ground Zeros

User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#3
I wont, I already played call of duty back in 2008
no need to play the same game every year

User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#4
no,I haven't bought a COD game since WAW
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I used to care but now I take a pill for that

User Info: oORyuumaruOo

4 years ago#5
Don't know. I was think some tuna instead.
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