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PS3 news. Get off that throne, Nathan Drake, Lara Croft is here to reclaim it.

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4 years ago#1
The original Playstation master of action adventure is receiving a worthy reboot in the best ways.

Previews are a bit mixed, but overly positive towards the revolutionary shift for the series (and they only played the first 2-3 hours, which is a campaign that can extend past 14 hours doing everything).

It's really shaping up to be the ultimate action adventure on PS3. :) Though whether Tomb Raider fans will like it as much as the classics, and how similiar the design is from start to finish, remains to be seen.

but hey, people enjoyed the linear QTE filled story driven run that is Resident Evil 4, as well as the linear setpieces of Uncharted campaigns, so if people liked those, they have no reason to underrate this.
4 years ago#2
Why cant they just marry together on it
-> este914 <-
4 years ago#3
Honestly this new tomb Raider looks like the Hunger Games more then Uncharted.
I have all the Uncharted games and I play only the TR games on PS1 but really they are different gameplays asides from action-adventures but i don't care, I'm buying this new TR and from the looks on the videos, this is a first day buy for me.
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4 years ago#4
I'll forgive this reboot if the sequel is more like Legend/Anniversary.
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4 years ago#5
este914 posted...
Why cant they just marry together on it

This would be the coolest thing ever.
4 years ago#6
Uncharted Raider with local split screen co-op.... you heard it here first people
-> este914 <-
4 years ago#7
The 21 things article really has me excited. From what I saw there, if Uncharted is PG-13, Tomb Raider will be a hard R. It's a shooter, platformer, action-adventure, stealth and survival game all-in-one with a very high production value.
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4 years ago#8

"Sometimes when she enters a new combat situation she shouts to the badguys something like 'there's gotta be another way!' Of course non of them listen to that, but it's a nice little touch that I have never seen before in an action game. Speaking of comments during fighting scenes: I also noticed that the enemies comment on what kind of weaponry she uses. When she whips out a pistol they'll yell 'gun!' as guns are rather scarce on the Island. When using the old WOII Japanese machinegun, I heard one guy saying: 'Where did she get a effing machine gun?' "
4 years ago#9
TC just don't be the 1st to talk bad about new Lara Croft game after you beat it. that'd be tacky.
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