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Whats the longest amount of time a game has been cancelled after being announced

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Obvious response is Duke Nukem Forever.

DNF came out. I'm asking about games that got cancelled after an extended amount of time of it's announcement.

DNF did get cancelled. The DNF that came out has almost nothing to do with the DNF that was first announced. Gearbox just bought the rights and made a DNF from scratch.

it was not made from scratch they added some polish to it and released it even Gearbox said that.

Exactly. I read that in the book that came with the collectors edition. They said they just finished the game that 3D Realms wanted to get out and any future Duke games will be entirely made by Gearbox and the Triptych team.
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The Agency is another good example. It was one of the earliest games they announced for the PS3. They showed off a lot of great stuff for the game then they went silent for a long time. Occasionally we would hear whispers that they were still working on the game but that was it. Eventually they mentioned that they cancelled the game.

Such a shame because it really did look like it was going to be a fantastic game.
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Versus XIII?
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