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Name a Playstation 3 game you own that noonne else owns on this board!

#271KyonshiPosted 12/6/2012 8:35:48 AM
legendfirefox posted...
Tears to Tiara
Sengoku Basara HD collection
Red seeds profile
Dirt 1

do i win?

Not entirely, because i said DiRT first =)
#272KingBCoolPosted 12/6/2012 8:36:32 AM
That new Leisure Suit Larry titled. ;)
#273CammyApplePosted 12/6/2012 8:37:34 AM
Kureno posted...
The Last Rebellion, and I only got it because super cheap.

Also, Trinity Universe has not yet been mentioned.

Own both. Last Rebellion still sealed.
#274CammyApplePosted 12/6/2012 8:38:58 AM
Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5 Kanzenban.
#275DarkRay117Posted 12/6/2012 9:11:03 AM
#276Rydiafan013Posted 12/6/2012 9:11:16 AM
FF13-2 ... im guessing everyone sold or broke their copies lol :P:P
#277toadiemanPosted 12/6/2012 9:12:13 AM
Rydiafan013 posted...
FF13-2 ... im guessing everyone sold or broke their copies lol :P:P

lol sold mine after platinuming.
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#278regsantotomasPosted 12/6/2012 9:22:24 AM
Devilman_Amon posted...
regsantotomas posted...
Super Robot Taisen OG2

My favorite PS3 game in my collection. I do wish more people on this board would own it though.

Hey you may have that game but do you have....

Super Robot Shooting for PS1? Or Shin Yuusha Taisen for PS2?

I own or have owned all the Super Robot (main series) since Super Famicom with exception of the Xbox, WonderSwan, Gamecube and cell phone variants. I still play my Super Robot Wars games on PS2 and PSP from time to time.
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#279AzurexNightmarePosted 12/6/2012 9:24:05 AM
crazyman32 posted...
Gdboyratedloud posted...
Resistance 3

-looks at the sales numbers-

yeah, no one else brought it.

keep on trolling

You sound like an offended wussy. Hate users like you.
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#280YzzinPosted 12/6/2012 9:30:37 AM
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