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Whats in your machine right now?

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User Info: Ravenicus

4 years ago#101
Persona 4. I keep up with the currents, obviously.
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User Info: wantfastcars

4 years ago#102
I have 2 PS3s

One has Armored Core: For Answer in it, because I like making mechs
The other has Deus Ex: Human Revolution in it, because that's what was in it when it bricked.
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2
Selling: Purple Shooter's Sola Topi, S Half Zatioichi

User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#103
NES- Super Mario Bros. 3
SNES- Super Mario RPG
Genesis- Aladdin
GBA SP- Wario Land: SML 3
NDS- Final Fantasy IV and Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
PS2- Final Fantasy XII
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
PS3- Dragon Age II
PSN- BlackRain8782
Now playing: Assassin's Creed III, Okami HD, Nier, Folklore, Dishonored, Dragon Age II, The Lone Ranger

User Info: swat2k

4 years ago#104
Silent Hill Downpour
XBL GT - Spinosaurus316 PSN ID - Spectre316
Pokemon Platinum FC - 0302 8448 0736

User Info: avearys333

4 years ago#105
Resistance 3.
Playing:Assassin's Creed III, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, RE2
Anticipating:Aliens: Colonial Marines, BioShock Infinite, GTAV, Hitman: Absolution, the Last of Us

User Info: wildog2006

4 years ago#106
Dead Island....

don't judge me. it was $8. i'm so sorry, please forgive me
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PSN- irysh#1743

User Info: BladedMetal

4 years ago#107
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

User Info: Nikos_the_great

4 years ago#108
Hitman: Absolution, although I finished it a week ago. I'm currently waiting for the patch to fix the corrupt data glitch (it happened to me but fortunately I'm a plus member and I copied the cloud data from there. Only lost a days' progress). Currently playing through bulletstorm I got from ps plus.

User Info: rodwipeisdead

4 years ago#109
Sleeping Dogs
What are all these knobs for?
To put their hands in the air.

User Info: cincyguitarhero

4 years ago#110
Dark Souls
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