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Whats in your machine right now?

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User Info: arczero_x

4 years ago#51
Persona 4: Arena
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#52
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: oORyuumaruOo

4 years ago#53
Final Fantasy XIII-2.
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User Info: FreakonaIeash

4 years ago#54
Metal Gear Solid 4
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User Info: wstfld

4 years ago#55
My brother is playing BLOPs 2 right now.
Last Played: Assassin's Creed 3 (8/10)
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User Info: k925457

4 years ago#56
Memory stick :f7u12:

User Info: Killingjoke_666

4 years ago#57
Otto: Wow! I had Mustard?!

User Info: rswsc0407

4 years ago#58
Army of Two The 40th Day

I need to continue playing Heavy Rain myself.
Red Sox World Series Champions 2004 & 2007= My ID. PSN ID- rswsc0407

User Info: Pereb27

4 years ago#59
Tales of Xillia 2.

User Info: KarnRX78

4 years ago#60
Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 Disc 3

As for games right now it is between DoA5 and P4A.
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