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Gone are the days of the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Now it's just PS3. :(

#51este914Posted 12/7/2012 11:29:02 AM
I hope you read and (at least tried to) understand everyones responses =P
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#52dj___rollPosted 12/7/2012 12:24:33 PM
Quote:dj___roll posted...
You're acting just like the people you hate do much. Why do you hate yourself? Why do you feel the need to insult people with a difference of opinion? Why do you continually assume that your narrow point of view if fact? You like JRPGs so much, buy the systems that are abundant with them like the PSP and 3/DS and shut the hell up. There's tons of JRPGs. Just not on 360/PS3. Deal with it you baby.

Actually the PSP and DS/NDS lack the JRPGs I love.

I played a few great ones such as Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Y's Seven, Jeanne D'Arc, Tactics Ogre Remake, Valk Chron 2, M&L series, etc., but still there's not nearly as many as PS1 / PS2 gen.

No, I do not act just like the people I hate so much, because the difference is that I actually love great games, so unlike them. They love their sucktacular lackluster QTE linear games with no freedom, no exploration, no customization, no puzzles, just really sucky bare bones games that are for casual babies who do not know how to play or like, real video games, and then they go and play Call of Duty Angry Bird Edition and Call of Duty Farmville edition.

Sorry your extremely limited view of what a quality game is has left you disappointed this gen. What's popular changes. Deal with it. Unfortunately for you, JRPGs don't sell well and therefore aren't cloned in ridiculous amounts like they were in the past. Now shut up or make your own.

And, you are actually more biased, stubborn and harassing than most the people you hate and argue so much against. So I was wrong. You're not just like them.
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