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2012 Spike VGA / Video Game Awards discussion thread

#41TheRatedR_Viper(Topic Creator)Posted 12/7/2012 6:58:56 PM
XD@ Cliff Blezinskii " The Tony Stark of video games "
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#42iPr0kkaFTWPosted 12/7/2012 6:59:22 PM
Any live streams? I need a link please hurry
#43Shadowblade2Posted 12/7/2012 7:00:25 PM
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#44sirtonnePosted 12/7/2012 7:01:08 PM
Ugh. Spike VGAs are an embarrassment. They're not for gamers, they're one big butt kissing commercial to promote gaming, and the biggest winners are whomever scratched their back the most.
#45ramseanGoodbyePosted 12/7/2012 7:04:32 PM
I'm not watching, but I hope Journey gets the recognition it deserves. The best experience I've had in a video game since Metroid Prime.
#46Paul NelsonPosted 12/7/2012 7:05:19 PM
unbleeped f bomb there. good job spike
#47zerooo0Posted 12/7/2012 7:07:35 PM
Lol that South Park game looks like fun.
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#48Cole531Posted 12/7/2012 7:08:09 PM
Epic South Park trailer, actually looks like an episode from the show.
#49SpoonSportsPosted 12/7/2012 7:10:51 PM
I want to believe
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#50toolittletimePosted 12/7/2012 7:11:54 PM
The best shooter did win!
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