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The best JRPG this gen?

#71Anodyne11Posted 12/8/2012 8:34:12 AM
Personal favourite? See sig. I've enjoyed a lot of them though.
Valkyria Chronicles is the best RPG this gen!
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#72ADHDguitarPosted 12/8/2012 8:42:07 AM
Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2
#73KARGOOPosted 12/8/2012 8:42:50 AM
- Tales of Vesperia
- Tales of Graces
- Xenoblade
- Eternal Sonata
- Tales of Xillia
- Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
- Dragon Quest 9
- Lost Odyssey
- Suikoden Tierkreis
- Paper Mario: Sticker Star
- Blue Dragon
- Tales of Innocence
- Arc Rise Fantasia
- Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
- Radiant Historia
- Final Fantasy XIII
- Infinite Undiscovery
- Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 1
- Star Ocean: The Last Hope
- The World Ends With You
- Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
#74Seven HeavensPosted 12/8/2012 8:49:34 AM
disgaea 4
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#75Junta_JastPosted 12/8/2012 9:05:13 AM
zUkUu posted...
RPG maniac87 posted...
Final Fantasy 13
- Fast, engaging combat system (cancels, interrupts, real time class changing)

You can really tell that they learned from all the things they screwed up in FF12.

mash x and occasionally L1? O_o

There actually are cancels and interrupts. If you played smart and payed attention with he class changes and how your character moves you actually had control over your positioning and the battlefield. Of course everyone just mashes x because they can and they can hate on the game for it later, but the fact remains that the depth is there, you just have to actually pay attention when playing to find it.
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#76grungastzenkiPosted 12/8/2012 9:10:47 AM
PS3: Tales of Graces F
Wii: Xenoblade and Last Story
DS: The World Ends With You

Me no own 360 but probably between ToV and Lost Odyseey
#77NicodimusPosted 12/8/2012 9:14:04 AM
I Just Stabbed My Forehead
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#78LLL_DeadlyPosted 12/8/2012 9:15:20 AM
Tales of Vesperia, followed by Xenoblade.
#79servb0tsPosted 12/8/2012 9:18:19 AM
Why make topics like this can't respect peoples opinions.
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#80kupo1705Posted 12/8/2012 9:24:18 AM
Dark Souls

Any other answer is wrong and therefore invalid.