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Why do you dislike Uncharted?

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User Info: ReeNoiP

4 years ago#121
Tried the demos for 1 and 2. They just didn't click with me. I still can't get into cover mechanics for some reason and the climbing felt "forced" in the lack of a better word.

User Info: TheBorderCollie

4 years ago#122
From: mogar002 | #119
I don't hate the Uncharted games

Yes you do, be quiet.

No I don't. You first.
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User Info: NYguard4life

4 years ago#123
I personally love all 3 games, as a huge movie buff I love the cinematic feel of all 3 games. I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea but for me its heaven.

User Info: TylerJ33

4 years ago#124
I love the cinematic feel, the story, the characters, the platforming but I HATE the combat. Every level is climb a bit then take cover as you have to clear out room of bad guys that absorb bullets. Move onto the next room, rinse and repeat.

User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#125
It was a greatly presented game with subpar gameplay. And to me, it's gameplay that matters more than anything else to me.
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User Info: calhoun1389

4 years ago#126
HENTAIDOJI posted...
Drake is a mass murderer

What action game star isn't? Hell, Mario is a mass murderer.
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User Info: KouenZan

4 years ago#127
if uncharted is mediocre

half-life 2 also!
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User Info: mooooo99

4 years ago#128
i like the uncharted series and im really looking forward to the new tomb raider game next year. i was never a big fan of the original tr games. im hoping this will be really good.
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