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Game Of The Generation is clearly:

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4 years ago#141
also lol at your fail overanalysis of my song...

Really, I thought it was a little bit clever...
In our current environment,
self-control is an asset.
4 years ago#142
dismantledwhale posted...

I know, I know...before this gets too far, I was just joking around. I really do apologize, I guess I was trolling. So someone can mod me if they like. I would so deserve it. Can you mod your own post?

Wut...your post is not even moddable...

I guess what disappoints me most is you didn't even try to write a song. People have done so in the past on this board before be it any genre
Much more fun that way...
4 years ago#143
Eh, kind of seemed like I was trolling you...

And no way in hell I was writing that song! It would have been horrible!

But , yeah probably fun...but I'm grading papers now and probably shouldn't even be wasting time on gamefaqs!
In our current environment,
self-control is an asset.
4 years ago#144
dismantledwhale posted...
Eh, kind of seemed like I was trolling you...

Nah. It's impossible to troll me. Many have tried but failed.
4 years ago#145
It would be The Witcher 2 for me.
4 years ago#146
Spec Ops: The Line, for giving the modern military shooter genre exactly what it needed.
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4 years ago#147
Xenoblade Chronicles. Best RPG in the last ten years.
4 years ago#148
Devilman_Amon posted...
Heck I'll even write a random Country song right now its so easy:

That only proves that music, regardless of genre, can be written to a generic stereotype with simple words.

The only thing associating those lyrics with a genre is because of a theme your "Country" theme that you planted in readers heads before writing it creating an association.

JC did his version of Rusty Cage *Soundgarden*, same lyrics. Different style of music.

I don't like Country but to say writing Country is easier than other musical genre's is just putting horse blinders on.

And no.

I won't serenade you, regardless of the music genre of your choosing.

On topic:

Disagree with RDRedmption I was disappointed with that game.

No idea what I would call the game of the generation though.
If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
4 years ago#149
WoW look everyone has a different opinion on what they personally like. It's almost like it's subjective or something.
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4 years ago#150
Dragon Age: Origins. Everything I want in a game.

I'll give a nice mention to New Vegas though as well... hopefully Fallout follows that game's character and story philosophy and not Fallout 3's.
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