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name a series you feel has too many sequals.

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3 years ago#71
CoD. 8 sequels Since CoD 2.

I'd say Final Fantasy, but it only has a few sequels. There's a sequel to FFIV, X and two for XIII, but each main installment isn't considered a sequel because they are all completely and utterly different from each other.
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3 years ago#72
Id the Demon posted...
To me its metal gear I mean how many games can you release kojima and keep saying its your last metal gear game its worse than beating a dead horse.

I'm happy until they make one that isn't amazing. Not holding my breath.

My choice is anything made by Nintendo.
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3 years ago#73
I can think of 2 series that at the least, needs to be put on hiatus.

Call of Duty (last game I played in the series was MW2, & WAW was the last I enjoyed playing)
Final Fantasy (once the MMO was released Square tried to reinvent the wheel when all it needed was a new hubcap)

& 2 more that really shouldn't have as many sequals as they have now

Sonic (pretty much, after Sonic Adventure 2 they should have taken a break instead of releasing 1 half-***ed game after another)
Assassin's Creed (did we really need to drag the story out with Brotherhood & Revelations?)
3 years ago#74
Final Fantasy doesn't need to die, it's the Lightning Saga that needs to die.
3 years ago#75
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3 years ago#76
Pokemon Don't want to catch them all. Just kill them all PLEASE!!!!!!
3 years ago#77
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3 years ago#78
*sigh* It's awfully thoughtless of you all to want to deprive people of sequels they want.
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3 years ago#79
Assassins Creed
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3 years ago#80
I know the odds are against me but if theres a way to win I'm going to find it!
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