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Incoming PSN Flash Sale: **+++** Racing games **+++**
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Would I like Persona 4 Arena if I never played any of the games?
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castrejon04129/20 9:38AM
So is the PS3 considered 'current gen' until it stops being supported?
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HaloODSTD569/20 9:20AM
[Poll] What element is your favorite to control in a game? (Poll)
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dillpickle69229/20 9:18AM
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Tales of Xillia 2 > Destiny According to lgn.
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ManjiMidou259/20 8:55AM
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My Fat 80gb PS3 RLOD'd, advice ?kkTheKiller4279/20 7:08AM
PS4 is getting all the good new FF games whil the PS3 got meh ones ;_;
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HellsingOrg239/20 6:46AM
Video games going green?Sephiroth_FF109/20 5:58AM
They should have at least some PS Now beta games for freejjgator39/20 5:55AM
Just played Fez for the first time today.... this game is absolutely brilliant!
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DrLight66459/20 5:45AM
What's your most played PS3 game?
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SlyCooper23219/20 5:41AM
Never owned a new slim ps3. How is it?AzurexNightmare99/20 4:56AM
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